Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's Dance! Lady Gaga wins over a frightened young fan with a twirl at Toronto airport


Overwhelmed: Lady Gaga poses with a shell-shocked young fan as she leaves Toronto airport today

It's said that you should never meet your idols, and that's a maxim that certainly seemed to apply for a young Lady Gaga fan in Toronto today.

The adorable youngster didn't seem to know whether to be delighted or scared by the pop superstar when she encountered her at the airport.

Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, was as always, dressed up to the nines in bright colours and an extravagant turquoise wig.

Wary: Gaga in her colourful attire and wig is obviously quite a scary prospect for a little one

The overall effect seemed a bit overwhelming for the little one, who seemed as much shell-shocked as star-struck.

But it was the New Yorker's scary pointed talons that made this little girl wonder if she was meeting the evil queen rather than a Disney princess.

However, the 25-year-old sensation managed to turn the encounter around by gently unleashing some of her trademark dance moves.

Cautious: The little girl seems wary of Gaga's long red talons

Bending down to replicate the child's height, Gaga tenderly offered her terrifying talons to the little girl.

The child kept a safe difference as she weighed up the character directly in front of her, as if wondering if it was safe to get closer.

Of course, once Gaga had managed to coax her nearer, she didn't offer her a poison apple, but twirled the little girl like she was Cinderella at a ball.

Confidence won, Gaga was then treated to cuddles as the child's gobsmacked parents snapped away on their camera.

The Born This Way star was leaving Toronto after performing at the MuchMusic Video Awards there this weekend.

Twirl: But the pop diva is soon amuses the younger by showing her a few trademark dance moves

For the performance the singer emerged from a cocoon, a stunt she has pulled twice already, which has prompted fans and critics alike to speculate that she's finally run out of ideas.

She entered the stage via the egg-like cocoon, just as she did at the Grammy Awards in February this year - she also popped out of a chamber during a performance on Saturday Night Live late last month.

Covered up again: Gaga seems to be moving away from the revealing outfits she's so often favoured

This time however the contraption was suspended above the ground, whereas the previous two crysalis-esque devices were laid down horizontally on the ground.

For the duration of her appearance on the Canadian awards show, Gaga remained relatively covered up in comparison to her usual outrageous get up.

And she maintained that look for her trip home, by donning the long bright dress that stunned the youngster.

source: dailymail

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