Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sorry Madam, I didn't hear you ring the bell! Woman gets head stuck in bus doors


Ouch: The woman's head is trapped as the bus doors slam shut on her neck

This unlucky woman had a bus ride she'll never forget after getting her neck trapped in the closing doors.

The unfortunate passenger was taking a trip in the town of Maanshan, in China's Anhui Province, when the impatient driver closed the doors while her head was still poking out.

She was left wincing in pain while the driver, who was oblivious to the situation, set off for the next stop.

This still beats going on the Northern Line: Bemused passengers watch on as the woman winces in pain

Luckily her fellow passengers noticed her plight and shouted at the him to stop and open the doors, which he eventually did.

Once free the embarrassed woman climbed off the bus and quickly walked away, rubbing her neck, without making a complaint.

Freed: After the bus driver opened the doors she walked off rubbing her sore neck without making so much as a complaint

source: dailymail

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