Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bethenny Frankel Hot and Sezzling Photos | Images | Pics

On the last episode all hell broke loose. Bethenny and Jill finally ran into each other at a fashion show, and of course things didn't end well. Bethenny tried to act like a normal, civil person, but of course Jill wasn't having that. All she said was, "the last time I spoke to you, you told me to go find a hobby." Bethenny finally realized why her relationship with Jill has been so weird over the past few months, and didn't realize that what she said affected Jill so much. Well Bethenny moved on and didn't have much to say and the two just went their separate ways. Weird. The drama did not end there. A few days later Bethenny attended another fashion show and of course ran into her other BFF LuAnn. Clearly LuAnn sided with Jill about her and Bethenny's encounter at the previous fashion show, and Bethenny did not want to hear it. The two ended up brawling at the fashion show and had to still sit next to each other. Extra awkward. Then Kelly tried to calm the two down, but that obviously didn't work either. Bethenny needs to get away from childish drama; she is clearly above it and has too many things going on in her life. She is pregnant, about to get married and has her own business, she is much better.

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