Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beware of the terrifying trees whose bite is worse than their bark


Yummy: A British plane tree is slowly eating a post box in West Kensington, London

You would expect trees to be all bark and no bite but these images show that many have a huge appetite for chewing on everyday objects.

Whether it be motorbikes, cycles, cars, warning signs, fences or even a gravestone, this forest of photos show that they will consume anything in their path.

Although the majority were taken in America, there are several taken at spots elsewhere in the world, including a hungry British tree devouring a central London red post box that was placed too close to its trunk.

Starving: An American tree has eaten this bike over the course of several decades
Many of these incredible pictures show how powerful trees simply grow around objects left in their path, no matter how large or small.

Road kill: Slowly but surely this tree is growing around this safety barrier

Twisted metal: As signs have been attached to this tree they have slowly but surely been absorbed into its trunk

Crash diet: These trees have grabbed by the handlebars and bumper as they have grown around this motorbike and car

The images have become an internet sensation with many logging on to hungrytrees.com to look at them or add their own photos of famished ferns, starving spruces or ravenous rosewoods.

Incredibly, to get to this stage, the trees have usually been slowly eating these items over the course of 30 years.

Gravely hungry: This 18th century headstone has become part of the trunk of this ravenous tree

Big dinner: These powerful trees have managed to swallow a pipe and a fence

source: dailymail

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