Saturday, June 25, 2011

A variety of pinstiping from the LA Roadster Show, this time with as many credits to the artists as I could find

These first two were the cutest pieces of art from pinstipers

I'm making an effort to give the credit for the stiping to the artist, but most aren't easy to read the autographs... this looks like GRMJ

Ken Smith?

The above logo of a guy pissing off a cliff is tasteless, and why the artist wants it as his logo is a mystery. the far left looks like a pinstriping brush, and I can't understand whats under the horizontal line
Nice piece, looks reminiscent of Von Dutch's pieces that infer a monster face with a pointed German helmet


The first of many pieces by Itchy

Jimmy C

Coop, but I don't know if this is the "cigar smoking devil" artist, or another guy by the same name. It's a big world, and finding more than one Coop in the hot rod world wouldn't be difficult

Another by Itchy

A vey close facimile to the Tommy the Greek teardrop style, again by the pissed off artist

I can't make this out, it's too small and in cursive

Above is a 2007 piece by Diablo

This is really nice tribute art, a meld of Tommy the Greek teardrop and Von Dutch spears with the flying eyeball... in a chrome look, plus red white, blue and black
this is on the Gherkin
Simple and easy to read Stanford
blue flames above a hockey stick and puck, very unusual... and the name is too small to make out

a 2005 piece by Art Himsl


Nice autograph by Fator, I like the brush over the name

Another incorporation of the brush, but the name is too undefined Brrrmw?

I like this piece by Itchy, the horizontals and black make it a stand out



Styles really nails the autogragh as a trademark, sweet

Taylor designs and a laughing toungue

Palmer, who else?

Awesome striped Tiki by Diablo

this wagon and handmade work table are inspired.

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