Sunday, June 26, 2011

That's got to hurt! Imogen Thomas gets bitten on the bottom by a horse as she attempts to ride cowgirl-style


Cheeky! Imogen Thomas got bitten on a bottom by a horse as she tried to learn to ride on a photo shoot in California yesterday

There must have been many times over the past few weeks that she'd wished she could literally gallop off and escape the Ryan Giggs scandal - and Imogen Thomas appears to be taking the reins on such matters.

The 28-year-old model was seen trying to learn horseriding out in California yesterday - but her equine skills didn't seem to be up to much.

In fact, the horse seemed to bridle at her efforts and instead, bite her squarely on the bum.

Don't nag: The equine critic sank his teeth into the model's behind

Trot on: The model appeared to be somewhat scared of the horse afterwards

The former Big Brother star was actually taking part in a photo shoot in the Californian desert - clearly keen to snaffle up work in the wake of the Giggs fall-out.

However, she showed her novice level of riding from the off when she struggled to actually get in and out of the Western-style saddle.

Although looking hot to trot, instead of wearing sensible jodhpurs, she was wearing hugely-impractical tiny cut-off denim shorts, which would have lead to some serious chafing in the stirrups.

She was also wearing lace up boots rather than riding boots - which lead to the unfortunate buttock/Dobbin interface.

Howdy: Imogen had appeared fairly confident as she tried to ride the horse Western-style earlier

Still, no doubt it's not the first time a beast has taken a fancy to her bottom...

Welsh beauty Imogen had seemed to be in pain after a particularly uncomfortable dismount, and was left even more sore after the cheeky nip.

However, she seemed to find the whole thing hilarious and laughed heartily despite being left bruised in various places after the shoot despite the antics of the naughty nag.

In the saddle: The star was taking part in a photo shoot in the Californian sun

That looks painful: A handler kept hold of the horse as Imogen made her rather inelegant dismount

Long way down: The Welsh beauty seemed to take a long time getting out of the saddle

As reported by the Mail earlier today, Imogen's antics out of the saddle appear to have been overlooked however by Ryan Giggs's wife.

Stacey has apparently chosen to forgive his serial philandering on a make-or break holiday in Majorca.

Manchester United and Wales footballer Giggs, 37, and the mother of his two children were seen walking together on the Spanish island.

Horsing around: Even though she ended up in pain, Imogen found the whole thing hilarious

source :dailymail

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