Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stand up straight and say 'fleas': Meerkat turns photographer after hi-jacking camera


Katarazzi: A young meerkat appears to get to grip with a photographers camera

This inquisitive meerkat cub turns the tables on a photographer who left his camera in the enclosure, peering through the lens as though preparing to take a picture.

The playful youngster, just three weeks old, wasted no time in investigating the camera and lens after they had been put down for a just a few seconds.

And it seems the cheeky critter, who was joined by his brothers and sisters, is keen to become the meerkat David Bailey as he lined up a few frames by peering through the lens at fellow family members.

How do you switch it on? Two of the critters investigate the press photographer's camera after he left it lying in their enclosure

Unfortunately the animals - popularised by the Insurance adverts - fell short of actually taking any pictures instead settling for repeatedly peering through the viewer before hopping around the other side.

Philip Knowling, of Paignton Zoo, Devon, said: 'They're certainly some of our more lively animals at the zoo.

Is this my good side? A meerkat poses for the camera in Paignton Zoo, Devon

'They really are the most inquisitive creatures and, despite just being a few weeks old, are bold as brass.

'They're very popular here at the zoo with visitors and keepers alike.'

The pups, whose sex is yet to be determined, were born to were born to mum Aurora and dad Kang just three weeks ago and have proved a real hit at the attraction.

The Zoo's other meerkats are male Limpopo and female Muchundi.

source : dailymail

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