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Remember me? Cameron Diaz, in an itty bitty mini-dress, greets ex Justin Timberlake with a kiss on the red carpet


Cheeky one: Cameron Diaz shares a smooch with ex-boyfriend and co-star Justin Timberlake as they arrive for the New York premiere of their new movie Bad Teacher tonight in New York

For the past week Cameron Diaz - and her legs - have been shipped around Europe and Russia promoting her new movie, Bad Teacher.

But the 38-year-old actress was finally united with her ex-boyfriend and co-star Justin Timberlake as the pair attended the New York premiere.

The couple dated for three years before splitting five years ago - and clearly the film's promoters were holding Timberlake back for the U.S. unveiling.

And of course, the one-time couple did not disappoint, duly sharing a kiss on the red carpet - in view of the army of flashbulbs.

Remember these? Cameron was wearing a very short dress by Chanel, complete with a see-through top section, as she dangled her long legs in front of Justin

Diaz, who is dating baseball player A-Rod, put her famous legs on show in an impossibly short Chanel knit dress, complete with a see-through top section which revealed a black bra underneath.

Meanwhile, 30-year-old Timberlake - who is single following his split from Jessica Biel - opted for a dapper black suit.

Cameron plays a flesh-flashing, booze-guzzling, pot-smoking, foul-mouthed teacher in the comedy, which was released in the UK last week and will hit U.S. cinemas on Friday.

Cast call: From left to right, director Jake Kasdan, Timberlake, Diaz, Jason Segel, Punch, and Phyllis Smith

Her character, seventh grade teacher Elizabeth Halsey, tries to get out of the classroom for good by wooing a rich substitute teacher, played by her ex Timberlake.

Cameron was today on a promotional blitz in New York, stepping out in no less than four different outfits in total.

This morning she told breakfast show Good Morning America that working with her ex-boyfriend Timberlake on Bad Teacher was easy because they 'know their boundaries'.

Changing styles: The actress has donned four outfits today, seen left arriving for an appearance on GMA, before slipping into two different ensembles at the The Late Show with David Letterman and, R, tonight

Cameron Diaz flanked by co-stars her teenage co-star Kathryn Newton, left, and Kaitlyn Dever

She said Timberlake was: 'A blessing, a privilege that wasn't lost on either of us. He's so funny and talented,' she gushed.

When asked if the sex scenes were awkward she added: 'It was easier because the boundaries were clear. Like if it's somebody you don't know you are kind of going 'mmm maybe' but you know, 'no', in this instance we're like 'we already did that',' she giggled.

The actress also admitted that she was nicknamed 'the intestinator' by staff on the set because she was always eating.

Acting up: Timberlake stands on a chair as he poses for photographers at the event, which was held at New York's Ziegfeld Theatre

'I decided my character was a consumer, she's always taking taking taking so I decided that in every scene I would be eating, drinking or chewing on something,' said the There's Something About Mary star.

'So the whole film I was eating, all the worst foods too - corn dogs and fried chicken it was really just an excuse to eat all the bad foods.

'Donuts and breakfast sandwiches. The prop guys called me the intestinator,' she laughed.

Best foot forward: Kirstie Alley, wearing leggings under a LBD, brought along her Dancing With The Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy

I am ready for my close up: Comedian 'Weird Al' Yankovic also made an appearance to join in with the fun

Wearing a super-short mini skirt Diaz noted that she usually leads a healthy lifestyle to stay slim.

'Because I love to do active things in my lifestyle, if I don't take care of my body, if I'm not strong then I can't bring those things into my life and those are the things that truly make me happy and my happiness is what really makes me who I am.

'So I'm constantly trying to stay strong so that I can do anything I want at any time.'

In the spotlight: Leggy Cameron gets bombarded by photographers as she makes her entrance

Bad Teacher indeed: Diaz and Timberlake pictured together in a scene from the movie, which is released in U.S. cinemas on Friday

Bad Teacher Movie Trailer Official (HD)

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