Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh deer God! Four-legged beast breaks through glass door and runs wild in church full of people

Coming through: Terrified children in a North Carolina church dodge a charging deer.

A small, peaceful congregation received an unwanted and extremely rowdy visitor.

The Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina, may want to look into updating its security system after a deer broke through a glass door and tore through the house of worship.

Security cameras caught the deer pushing his way though an unguarded entrance, before taking the grand tour.

At first, the deer circled the building in attempt to find an easy entry.

Shortly after the four-legged animal pushed his way right through the front door, shockingly, without any of the parishioners spotting it.

Illegal entry: A deer breaks through the front doors of a North Carolina church.

The deer proceeded to charge though the halls of the crowded church, leaving children - who were forced to dodge the sprinting animal - terrified and scrambling for the exits.

A trio of brave men followed behind the unwanted guest as he nosed through a few rooms in what resembled a classic skit on the Benny Hill show.

After darting though a few more corridors the deer somehow found his way to the front of the church.

It engaged in starring matches with a few adults as children hid behind their parents and covered their eyes.

The deer then eased his way towards the door and galloped out of their lives.

Colonial Deer Video

source :dailymail

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