Monday, June 20, 2011

No Venus! Another Williams sister fashion disaster as tennis player wears ghastly playsuit at Wimbledon


Tiny playsuit: Venus Williams wore a thigh-skinning playsuit - with a curiously baggy top half for her first Wimbledon game today

Venus and her sister Serena have so much in common. They are both world class tennis players... and they both have terrible fashion sense.

The older Williams sister cruised through her Court Two match against Uzbekistan's Akgul Amanmuradova this morning, but it was her tiny playsuit - rather than her powerful serve - that everyone was talking about afterwards.

The white onesie was so short you could clearly see the golden hotpants she was wearing underneath every time she bent forwards during the match.

Short shorts: The back of the playsuit was featured an on-tend cutaway, but one that is much more suited to black tie evening wear than to a sporting event

It also had a curiously baggy, and very unflattering top-half, which made her chest look saggy as she ran around the court.

But far from being something a sponsor forced the player to wear, this was an outfit from Venus' own clothing line, EleVen.

The back of the playsuit featured an on-tend cutaway, albeit one that is much more suited to black tie evening wear than to a sporting event.

In action: Venus' outfit showed off her enviable figure - and the gold hot pants she was wearing underneath

Venus did not get everything wrong though - the cotton material had a pretty leafy design woven into it which could have made a lovely sun dress.

The short cut also showed off the tennis star's enviably long legs as she took huge strides towards the net. And the strange outfit clearly did not hold the 31-year-old back, she won her sets 6-3, 6-1.

Cut above: Another view of the outfit from the rear

Yesterday, Venus' little sister, Serena, made her return to Wimbledon following a serious foot injury and blood clots in her lungs that almost ruled her out of tennis for life.

She made sure to stand out in fit form during warm ups by wearing some skin-tight pink and white tie-dye leggings.

And by the looks of the fiery stare in her eye, the US player about to give it her all during her comeback.

Serena, who is a fan of flamboyant on-court ensembles, combined her Nike leggings with a white long-sleeved T-shirt and a Nike black cap.

On-court ensemble: Serena brightened up the court during her warm ups by wearing the tie-dye leggings

She is currently ranked World No. 25 in women’s singles, but has admitted that her and her sister Venus haven’t been able to train as much for the competition as they would have liked.

Serena said: ‘We spent a lot more time together because we were both off.

‘We both haven’t played pretty much at all. It’s been good because, sometimes I hate to say it, but, when you’re down, it’s always good to see someone down with you.’

Letting her hair down: Serena of the USA was talking to the media at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club yesterday ahead of the Wimbledon Championships

Last year Serena won her fourth Wimbledon championship but afterwards suffered a serious foot injury from stepping on broken glass at a restaurant – preventing her from playing for the remainder of 2010.

In March this year she then suffered a hematoma and a pulmonary embolism but has still returned as the defending champion at Wimbledon this year.

While her sister Venus suffered from a hip muscle injury this year.

On top of Serena's medical complications, she may also have to face a showery start to Wimbledon.

Sisters in white: Serena and Venus both wore all-white tennis outfits while training over the weekend

Weather forecasters have predicted torrential rain for the first three days .
But tennis fans still braved the weather to camp outside the All England Lawn Tennis Club in south London last night.

Luckily for the players, officials are preparing to shut the £100million retractable roof on Centre Court, to prevent the rain interfering with the match.

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal, 25, of Spain will open this year’s 125th Wimbledon Championship on Centre Court.

Off-court glamour: Serena looked elegant in a green silk dress at the WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party at the Kensington Roof Gardens in London last week

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