Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moo-dini: Cow with 'unusual intelligence' opens farm gate with tongue so herd can escape shed


Udder genius: Daisy the cow expertly picks the lock of her pen gate in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland

A farmer has been forced to beef up the security in his cowshed after an unusually smart heifer found a way for her and her friends to escape.

Daisy the cow, from a farm in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, has learned the trick to unbolting the gate to her pen with her tongue.

She deftly and accurately unfastens both bolts, allowing her and her bovine buddies access to the verdant fields outside for breakfast.

Making a break for it: The cunning cow casually strolls out from her enclosure after the amazing escape

Farmer Tom Grant was left scratching his head after he found his cattle out munching grass in the morning, despite locking them up the night before.

He initially suspected cattle rustlers so, with the help of his brother, Vincent, Mr Brown set up a hidden camera to get to the bottom of the cattle conundrum.

Suspicions: Farmer Tom Grant suspected cow rustlers had undone the gate, but later discovered Daisy's talent through a hidden camera

'I was a wee bit suspicious because I thought there was a bit of rustling in the area, and that maybe there were boys about during the night trying to steal one of them,' he told the Belfast Telegraph.

After viewing the footage, both Mr Grant and his brother were amazed to see what their cow had learned to do.

'People have the impression that a cow is a dumb animal, but as you can see from the footage, it's far from dumb, it's quite intelligent,' Vincent told the Belfast Telegraph.

Great escape: Daisy's bolt-loosening exploits give other cows in her pen a brief taste of freedom too

Funny Daisy The Cow's Great Escape

source: dailymail

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