Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Miracle cat survives 120ft plunge off 12-storey tower block after being 'thrown off by yobs'


Eight lives left: Everest suffered only a broken tooth when she was 'thrown', staff believe, from this building

A cat had an incredible close shave when survived plummeting more than 120ft from the top of a tower block - and suffered only a broken tooth.

RSPCA officials fear the seven-month-old female might have been deliberately thrown from the top of the building.

The cat was discovered in a heap at the foot of the 12-storey tower block in Oldbury, West Midlands, following the terrifying fall.

Shocked residents on the third floor reported hearing the animal strike an open window as she plunged 120ft from the top.

When residents rushed down the stairs to see what had happened, they were astonished to see the tabby and white cat motionless on the floor with blood pouring from its mouth.

In a state of shock and unable to move its legs, worried locals feared the cat was close to death and called the RSPCA.

The cat has been named Everest by staff at a rescue centre, who have been caring for her since the fall on June 5.

RSPCA animal welfare officer, Susie Bailey, who collected the distressed cat from the foot of Hackwood House, Hartlebury Road, Oldbury, said: 'I believe she fell from the twelfth floor of the flats - it is clearly possible that it wasn't accidental.'

A near cat-astrophe: Everest's recovery has amazed animal rescue staff

Following the incident, Everest was taken to Birmingham Animal Hospital for emergency treatment, where vets feared she may have suffered catastrophic injuries.

But after an examination and emergency operation, Everest has made a miracle 24-hour recovery since the fall.

RSPCA official Susie added: 'When I collected the cat she was in a lot of pain and was petrified.

'I feared she might not survive because of the distance she fell added to the fact she couldn't stand afterwards.

'But I am so glad she has proved me wrong and is getting stronger every day. Staff at the hospital hope that, given time, she will make a full recovery.'

The cat was wearing a collar when discovered, indicating that she has an owner.

But Everest's owner is yet to come forward and claim her as she recuperates at Birmingham Animal Hospital under the watchful eyes of staff.

Amanda Monaghahn, a senior veterinary nurse at the animal hospital, added: 'She was that scared when she was brought in that we couldn't even get near her to assess the extent of the injuries.

'We thought she had suffered very serious injuries so we rushed her into theatre. But it turns out she has come out of this ordeal completely unscathed. From that height they usually sustain much more serious injuries - and often don't survive at all.

'We expected to see a few more broken bones to be honest - but the only thing she has broken is her tooth. She's got an injury to her hip but apart from that she is unscathed.

'She is possibly the luckiest cat alive.'

The RSPCA is appealing for any information that leads to the cat's owners, after door-to-door enquires failed to turn up any leads.

Anyone with information about who owned Everest or what happened to her can call the RSPCA national cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234 999.

source: dailymail

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