Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kim Yuna & IU release music video for “Kiss & Cry” theme song, “Ice Flower”!

After releasing the audio for their much-anticipated duet track for SBS’s “Kiss & Cry“, “Ice Flower“, the music video of IU and Kim Yuna recording for the track has now been released.

IU and Kim Yuna’s duet track was recorded back on June 8th in the recording studio, and had been revealed briefly for the first time on the episode aired on the 19th before the full release on the 21st.

“Ice Flower”, was produced to be the show’s theme song, and expresses a message of hope through the lyrics that asks everyone to overcome their obstacles, and the song was produced by Lee Min Soo.

The music video shows them recording in the studio and also has some footage from the show.

Representatives continued, “It normally takes over two hours to record a song, but they managed to finish it in an hour, which surprised all of the staff members.”

Profits from the digital single will go towards the development of better training environments for figure skaters. Figure skaters in Korea do not yet have their own exclusive ice-rink and must share with ice hockey players. In an effort to aid the figure skaters that must move ice-rinks late at night after hours, the two have decided to donate their profits towards the cause.

You can support the cause by purchasing the music, check it out below!

source: allkpop

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