Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The key moves behind f(x)’s “Hot Summer” choreography

f(x)’s follow-up track, “Hot Summer”, is grabbing a lot of interest thanks to its unique choreography.

On June 17th, f(x) officially kicked off their “Hot Summer” promotions with a bold wardrobe and fun dance moves that perfectly matched the song’s upbeat sound.

The “Hot Summer” choreography is comprised of multiple ‘points’, such as “it’s so hot” dance from the chorus (where the members tap their outstretched legs and fan themselves) and “the running dance” (where the girls move as if in slow-motion).

The charming choreography and infectious sound are quickly allowing the girls to take top spots on the charts. In fact, on June 21st, “Hot Summer” ranked first place on Melon’s real-time chart, and it continues to rank highly on other sites as well.

f(x) are on top of their game, and they’re taking the music industry by storm!

source : allkpop

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