Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eyewitness Update on the Ferrari F430 Spider vs Taxi Cab Incident

Yesterday, we told you about a recent Las Vegas incident involving the drivers of a Ferrari F430 Spider and a yellow taxicab. In our original story, we wrote that the cabbie “allegedly rear-ended” the Italian exotic. It turns out though that there was no collision between the two cars with the Ferrari driver exploding simply because the cabbie cut him off.

Patrick Fritz, the person who filmed the video outside of Fry's Electronics, came in contact with Carscoop and detailed the events that eventually led to the Ferrari driver punching the cabbie.

Here’s what Patrick told Carscoop:

“I saw this altercation from the very beginning. The Ferrari was trying to leave the Fry's Electronics parking lot as the Taxi driver pulled in front of him, cutting him off. The Ferrari driver was pissed that he got cut off. There was NO collision.

The Ferrari driver then peeled out as he drove up past the cab and stopped in front of him and began yelling at him for "driving like an a$$hole". Then the Ferrari driver got out of his vehicle and approached the cab driver. That's the beginning of the video.”

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