Saturday, June 25, 2011

DJ Brokenwindow - Parallel Universe #2

As promised, here is the second volume of DJ Brokenwindow's excellent mash-ups. In particular, The Fugees Fu-Gee-La atop Richard Demaria's The Next Episode is brilliant! Other highlights are LFO vs. The World Of Skin, someone named Carlito rapping over Steve Reich's It's Gonna Rain and DJ Assault meeting Wendy Carlos. Seriously, get this now!

DJ Brokenwindow - Parallel Universe #2

01 Round Up Those Flowers
02 What U Change About Ballin'?
03 Canton Is Over Here
04 Hooked On Techno 1
05 Beach Culture Fight Music
06 Glowstick Raver's Valentine
07 Picture P Diddy In Haiti
08 Oh La La La, The Next Episode
09 Too Many MC's, Not Enough Ultravox
10 Walk Like The Egyptian Lover
11 Shamalama Carousel
12 Owner Of A Lonely Superbitch
13 The Joke's On Hula
14 Old Dope Peddler Breaks
15 Blood On Your B-Boy Gloves
16 League Or Die
17 Front 242's Estranged Child
18 Hooked On Techno 2
19 It's Gonna Rain Fame
20 Kit Clayton vs. Roscoe P. Coltrane
21 I Want To Be Your LFO

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