Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The bride DID wear Chanel: The Lagerfeld dress Lily Allen wore to the reception


Evening gown: Lily Allen admires Lagerfeld's sketch and tries on her custom-designed Chanel dress, which she wore to the wedding reception

While Kate Middleton kept us guessing over her choice of wedding dress designer, Lily Allen's decision was all but confirmed months ago.

The singer hinted that Lagerfeld would be designing her gown while posing with him at Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show in March... and then confused everyone by wearing a Delphine Manivet dress down the aisle instead.

But there is a very logical explanation - like the Duchess of Cambridge, Lily had two wedding outfits, one for the ceremony and one for the reception.

The 26-year-old revealed all on her Twitter page after Lagerfeld uploaded an image of Lily wearing the white dress he had designed, along with a sketch of his creation.

The images were accompanied by a caption explaining that they were taken by BenoƮt Peverelli at a fitting in Chanel's Paris headquarters, 31 rue Cambon.

Fashion blogger Laura LaRue tweeted a link to Lagerfeld's picture saying: 'Confused? Me too.'

Radiant bride: Lily, with husband Sam Cooper, in the Delphine Manivet dress she wore to her wedding ceremony, which also featured transparent sleeves and detailing on the bottom of the skirt and was designed to accommodate her baby bump

Lily wrote straight back, explaining: 'I wore my BEAUTIFUL Chanel dress to our reception.'

There are many similarities between the two dresses. Both had a transparent layer which went right up to the bride's neck.

The Delphine Manivet gown was lacy, and had a sweetheart neckline underneath, while the Chanel number featured beautiful floaty sleeves that were puffy to the elbow and then tight to the wrist.

It also had intricate embroidery on the bustier, and looks like it was semi-transparent below that.

Both gowns had additional detailing on the bottom half of the big skirts.

Manivet has revealed that her gown was intentionally designed to be roomy as Lily has been trying for a baby since January.

The singer's husband, Sam Cooper, announced his wife was four months pregnant on their wedding day - to gasps of joy from his guests.

We imagine there were similar exclamations of affectionate surprise when they laid eyes on the radiant bride in each of her stunning gowns.

source: dailymail

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