Monday, June 20, 2011

BOMONSTER is going to be at the Born Free Bike Shop htis Saturday, June 25th, and has these 3 new designs to sell on shirts and posters

My favorite first, the "Pan Heart" ... man that is a cool idea!
Next the Triumph on a dry lake... those cracks in the hard pan are dead on. I was at El Mirage last month and it lloks exactly like that.
The three newest pieces and BOMONSTER will be at the Born Free bike shop this Saturday June 25 ( All traditional chopped bobber style BSA, Indian, Triumph, Harley owner, builder, painter bikes. The overhead Triumph will be offered as a poster and the other two are shirt designs. Get yours before they sell out, cause I'm thinking they will, and that pretty women will be getting the Pan Heart, car guys will go for the last one, and artists and dry lakers will go for the middle one.

For more of his designs, get right to the website

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