Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back to blonde for Lady Gaga as she ditches the green wig at charity concert in Japan


Back to blonde: Lady Gaga ditched the green wig she has been sporting for the last few weeks in favour of her trademark platinum blonde lock as she performed in Japan

She's worn all different colours and shades in her hair since hitting the big time, but Lady Gaga knows deep down that blondes definitely have more fun.

Having sported an aquamarine wig for the past few weeks, the singer decided to go back to her trademark platinum blonde look.

The Born This Way singer came on stage at the MTV Video Music Aid Japan at the Makuhari Messe Arena near Tokyo tonight.

Spiderwoman: Gaga, sporting green hair extensions as bunches, started her set trapped in what looked like a giant web...

Her hair had been braided and put into two buns on her head, her fringe cut short on her forehead.

She started the gig with aquamarine hair extensions on her bunches as she opened her set trapped in what looked like a giant spider web.

Dressed in a sparkly sequinned bra and long skirt with a split up each thigh, Gaga launched into her song The Edge of Glory as she pulled and tugged at the web.

... before breaking free and leaving her aquamarine strands behind

As she broke free, she ripped off the green extensions and joined her dancers as she finished the song.

Then, almost sneaking round the stage, she climbed some stairs and stood at her piano, which was made up to look like a giant spider, and launched into an acoustic version of Born This Way before rejoining her dancers for the full dance version of the hit song.

It was good to see Gaga back to blonde again even if her hair suffers as a result.

Where'd you get those peepers? Gaga takes off her sunglasses as she leaves the MTV concert to show off eye make-up that looks like eyes

After her performance, Gaga spoke to the press on the red carpet in an odd ensemble that made her look like a pearly queen.

She also showed off eye make up that looked like dark eyes as she posed for pictures and waved to fans.

Earlier, Gaga had rejoiced when she heard the news that her home state of New York passed a law making gay marriage legal.

She took to her Twitter page and wrote: 'I can't stop crying. We did it kids.

Rejoice New York, and propose. We did it!' the star added in a further tweet. 'The revolution is ours to fight for love, justice + equality.'

source :dailymail

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