Friday, July 22, 2011

Tattoo Fonts Wrist

Tattoo Fonts Wrist

tattoo fonts wrist

tattoo fonts wrist
Wrist tattoo, how long will it take? Some fonts aswell plzz?
I am thinking about getting a tattoo on my inner- left wrist, i want to get “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.
Firstly how long would this take to do?
How much would it cost, Approx?
And what fonts would this look good with?

It usually goes pretty fast if it is on your wrist, just depending on the detail and the artist. I would say it will run you about 50-100.00 depending on style, color, etc.. Most wrist tattoos look good in fancy fonts, like real nice curvy lettering that you can still read. Just give your idea to the artist and they can draw something out for you. Good luck!!

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