Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pinup girl tattoos are awesome old school

3 Different Types

Pinup girl tattoos are awesome old school designs that can look great on both men and women. They usually are very colorful, medium to large designs that really pop out. They’re incredibly sexy, in an old school kind of way. Pinup girl tattoos were popular with sailors and have since been worn by many women symbolizing a sense of beauty, fun, and female strength.
There are different styles of pinup girls you can choose from. Here are 3 of the most common. 1. Straight up and down.
I call this style “straight up and down” simply because the design is of the girl standing straight, many times in high heels or on her tip toes, her backside facing forward and her head turned at top. These work great for the forearms and calves.
2. Curvy.
The curvy pinups will have more shape to them. Sometimes the arms will be raised and hands clenched behind the head while the body curves. Sometimes the girl will be kneeling. There’s usually a twist involved, or a pronunciation of certain body parts like the hips and breasts. These are great for the upper arms, shoulders, and back.
3. Legs, legs, legs!
One of my favorite pinup girl tattoos are one’s which emphasize the legs. They will be either high kicking in the air while the girl is seated or lying down, or the legs will be crossed while seated. There are other variations, but the legs always seem to be the emphasis of the tattoo. These can work great on the inside of the upper arm, upper chest and thigh areas.

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