Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lost Boys, F.A.Y.D., Razvrat i Pokvara

Razvrat i Polvara came first onstage. As the opener act they did real good. Izzy, Jitsata and the rest of the band did a superb show as always. The angst and bitterness that comes from their music is nicely complimented with some fast and raw guitar riffs and when you add Izzy's angry voice and you're in for some real immense and passionate experience. Which was also appreciated by the crowd who supported the band with constant sing alongs and pogo. Thee nazi bastards were also present there as well as one english crust punk and all of them were in the pogo although to me it looked like the brit is scrubbing the floor instead of dancing. At one point Izzy stopped singing because of the nazi bastards who got little aggressive in the pogo. There was people complaining about that. Some even left. But things got better afterwards (or so it seemed). The band did mostly their old songs plus some new ones, probably from the forthcoming split with FAYD.

The second band for that night was F.A.Y.D. Those kids are really passionate about their music and that is evident every time I watch them. Fast and angry hardcore is what they do and they do it bloody good. No one stays indifferent during their performances and that was clear from the brutal moshpit and stagedivings that happened during their play. From what I can tell they played most of the songs from their 2010 demo and finished their set with a cover of Razvrat i Pokvara's "Vsichko Se Promenya". By that time the crowd was more than ready for the headliners.

Lost Boys are a four-piece punk band from Lyon, France that plays fast, angry, raw 80's punk. Clearly influenced by the likes of Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans, The Adolescents and JFA, Lost Boys are by all means not a tribute band but a band with appreciation for the old-school american hardcore punk bands. Still they did a great job covering Circle Jerks (World Up My Ass), Angry Samoans (Gas Chamber), JFA (JFA) and MIA (I Hate Hippies). Lost Boys have released couple of damn good EPs and splits which you can download for free from their tumblr site. They sound really good but it gets hundred times better when you hear 'em live. Really damn good band which by the way performed couple of days ago here in Bulgaria for two consecutive nights in Plovdiv and Sofia. I went to the second show in Sofia and I gotta admit it was great until some nazi skinheads decided to fuck things up. Well not exactly. It was more of a verbal abuse towards one punk girl who obviously wasn't happy to share one club with those fuckers. Fortunately nothing serious happened because of the security but the nazi scumbags stayed in front of the club obviously wanting to cause some more trouble to that poor gal. Good thing that Lost Boys took the girl in their van and later dropped her in safe distance from the venue (and just in front of me). I don't know what happened afterwards with the fuckers. The night for me ended drinking under the stars with that same girl and couple of her friends. What can I say except that those frenchies are a bunch of really cool guys. Seriously, I talked with them after they finished playing and they were really cool about the whole situation. What can I say more? If you ever stumble upon these guys go watch them. You won't regret. Real hardcore punk with attitude!

Lost Boys - Lost Boys by Craze
Lost Boys - No way out by Craze
Lost Boys - Bonnot vs Sisyphe by Craze
Lost Boys - kill a luddite for salvation by Craze
F.A.Y.D. - Деца Без Занимание by Craze
Razvrat i Pokvara - Vsichko Se Promenya by Craze

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